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Mar 14, 2011

a glimpse of spring

Two days ago I woke up with the feeling that it would be the first day of spring.  The first day where one detects the early scents so typical of spring and the urge to start working in the garden...
this might be inspiring ...

Annechien Meier (NL) - the allotmentgarden - 2001 - Le Vent des Forêts
A small cabin and a tiny garden in a dense forest.  Once the artist leaves it it becomes an orphan waiting to be adopted and taken care off by the local village people.  The picture is taken in September 2010, so yes, the local people do come from time to time to keep it more or less cultivated.

Florent Lamouroux - Plasticulture - 2005 - Le Vent des Forêts

And after planting my vegetable and flower garden, and seeds in the glasshouse, I'd love to sit on a bench under a nice shady tree.

MADE (Patrick Demazeau - FR) - Mobilier désurbanisé - 1997 - Le Vent des Forêts

Wind in the Forest - Le Vent des Forêts

In July, six villages in the forest - in the Meuse region (France) - invite international artists to take a different look at nature and create works displayed along a 45- kilometre footpath through 5.000 hectares of forest.  The forest is accessible to visitors from February until the end of September.
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