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Mar 19, 2011

wind, forest and stones

Stones and pebbles, I feel like a child on a beach when I see them.  I love to hold them and feel the roughness or smoothness.  And built stonemen just for fun.  These works at "Le Vent des Forêts" are quite inspiring as we start working in the garden again.

Liliana de Vito (FR) - Chemin de Vie - 2002 - Le Vent des Forêts #083

After hours of walking, this seemed the perfect spot to have a picknick.  If you ever plan to do this very long walk, remember there are no shops or cafés on the road to stop and buy some food. 

This may look like an advertisement but it isn't.  And we took all our trash with us to dump it in an appropriate bin.

Françoise Marie & Michèle Schneider (FR) - Dédale - 1999 - Le Vent des Forêts #043
This was only part of a larger work, we did not find the rest.

TAV Group (Isr) - Hole-Hill - 2003 - Le Vent des Forêts #99

Lahaymaix, Meuse, France
About 90 from the 165 works made since 1997 are displayed along a 45- kilometre footpath through 5.000 hectares of forest. Accessible from February until late September.

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