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Mar 28, 2011

cluster of Stockholm galleries

It's a sunny day, perfect to do a decent walk to Vasastaden, the northwest part of Stockholm.  On the internet I found a few galleries located in the same street, enough to make me curious.

The building looks promising, reminds me of similar buildings housing galleries in Montreal and Zürich.  I go for number 8 which turns out to be a passage to the back of the building.

It's a car park, no signs of galleries here.  Just this cry for help...

Back on the street I do find more, one needs to look a bit harder...
And I am lucky.  It happens that all of the exhibitions are in their last days, sometimes I turn up in between exhibitions and just stare at empty rooms or closed doors.

Esko Männikkö (FIN) - "Harmony Sisters"


Karin Broos

more stairs

Lena Johansson - "Taking the long way"

around the corner

Ville Lenkkeri - "Dreams and Awakenings"

and next to it

Stina Rosenberg - "Willingly Bound"

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