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Sep 12, 2011

Tentvillage - Dré Wapenaar

As a toddler I believed in gnomes and dwarves; those who live in red toadstools with white polka dots.  I was longing to visit these tiny 'houses' wondering how this unusual shape would feel from the inside... 

so imagine my surprise when I saw the evolution of this sculpture that turned up in a previous exhibition on this spot...

Ria Baugniet

... turn into this now...

this is the opportunity to explore my childhood dreams...

  one open and 4 closed structures

let's go in...

in another climate I might consider living in here for a while

Dré Wapenaar (NL) - Tentvillage revisited
this artist makes amazing tent structures/sculptures, I'll post his pod-shaped tents hanging in trees in a future post

until 30 September 2011
Stoomstroopfabriek - steam syrup distillery
Stationsstraat 54 - B-3840 Borgloon, Belgium

Z-OUT pit (click to view more info on this project)
art in the open space of Borgloon-Heers

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