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Sep 16, 2011

la Friche de l'Art

Driving south along small winding roads in the French countryside.  A nice way to travel and discover unexpected sites or events.
It turns out to be the case while crossing the small town of Anet.  A green space in the centre of town, black containers and white tents... what is going on?

nothing happening here yet...

now this looks more interesting...

This is a nice break from driving for a while now...

La Friche de l'Art - 3rd edition
14 black containers are placed in a cercle inviting - selected - contemporary artists to use it as an exhibition space
10 - 18 September 2011

Marie-Monique Binois - Marino

Claudine Lambert

Dominique Baur

Evelyne Weisang - live at work

Fernando Bronchal (his blog HERE) who makes colourful art from trash and who is influenced by art brut and outsider art

next to this, an art market will be welcoming more artists during the heritage weekend of 17-18 September 2011
we won't be able to attend it as we continue our trip

Anet - France 

one last look...


Anonymous said...

merci beaucoup pour ce reportage
pour moi ce fut une superbe semaine de rencontre
tilk (fernando Bronchal)

hildA said...

l'évenément fut un plaisir inattendu sur notre route.
merci pour votre commentaire