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Sep 9, 2011

Myths, fantasies and strange stories

Château de Jehay revisited.

10th edition of performances, sculptures, sound installations and sculpture installations in the gardens and parc.

Pierre Pétry - Dernière Cène

Djos Janssens - Under my Skin

Marianne Ponlot - Il était une fois... (there once was a time...)

Laetitia Lefèvre - Proxémie

Patrick Guns - Têtes de Nègre

Frans Daels - Trop d'arbres s'en vont en fumée  (too many trees going up in smoke)

The former owner of the castle, Count Guy van den Steen, filled his property with his own fantasies.  Water and bushes in the garden accommodate bronze female nudes in sensual poses, tangible memories of a wife who died too early.

Myths, fantasies and strange stories
Rue du Parc 1, 4540-Amay, Belgium

tuesday-friday  14h00-18h00
saturday-sunday  11h00-18h00
until 2 october 2011

admission to the parc 2€50
parc + castle 5€

I must admit I was somewhat disappointed by this edition.  The previous one we visited in 2009 was quite more interesting.  Click on Couleur(s)³ to view these posts.

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