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Sep 28, 2011

art by boat

Amiens  2011 
     art, villes & paysage

14 gardens and 14 installations

Rodolphe Keller - en attendant la vague (waiting for the wave)

Frédéric Sanchez - Sept Royaumes (seven kingdoms)

we can't get any closer, I have to zoom in

Doriss Ung - Du ventre jusqu'au ciel

same here, zoom in to view a tiny bit

Atelier Sensomoto - Up Side Down

Collectif Multipleix - Port 157 ouest

Wagon Landscaping - Le Jardin d'Erode

We just happened to read about this art and garden event when stopping in Amiens for the night.  Unfortunately not open the day we were there, and leaving the next morning we couldn't wait until 14h where most of the installations and gardens are accessible.  All pictures were taken from the banks.  More gardens and installations are hidden on other islands in 'Les Hortillonnages'

until 15 October 2011

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