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Sep 26, 2011

Bestes, Bestiaux et Bestioles

A castle (yes, another one, and there are more to come) with a permanent collection of contemporary art. 

Apart from the permanent collection - of which I will show pictures in future posts - there is a temporarily exhibition.

Bestes, Bestiaux et Bestioles
(I've taken the liberty of translating this into Beasts and Bugs)

Starting with "La Galerie des Chevaux" - 'the horse gallery' which is part of ... the permanent collection.  Yes, I know, a bit confusing to mix both exhibitions...

Georg Ettl  (site in German) - Chevaux d'Oiron
replacing the painted canvases of the favorite horses of Henry II 

kinetic sculpture

Nicolas Darrot - Yggdrasill

The impressive Galerie Renaissance

with the whole story of the Trojan war painted on the walls

animals on the ceiling... which brings us back to the theme of the exhibition...

Thomas Grünfeld - Pégase Licorne
permanent collection

a space entirely clad with mirrors

Nicolas Darrot - Drones
hard to take good pictures because of the mirrors

Yannick Demmerle - drawings

Carole Fékété - Le Singe (the monkey)

Douglas Gordon - Unnaturalhistorie - video
a tiny part of Sol LeWitt in the back, more on that later

Goliath Dyèvre - Chiroptoir
nest for bats accessible from outside, with a flashlight (with dead batteries) to watch the bats through the tiny window.

Greta Alfaro - In ictu oculi - view the whole video HERE - 10min 35 sec

Johan Creten - Muses et Méduses

Goliath Dyèvre - La danse des abeilles (dance of the bees)

Beste, Bestiaux et Bestioles
until 02 October 2011
Château d'Oiron
Centre des monuments nationaux
F-79100 Oiron

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