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Sep 6, 2011

reading between the lines

Gijs Van Vaerenbergh

along a walk and bike trail in the green hills of Limburg, Belgium

last friday

we couldn't wait until it was finished

wanting to see the work in progress

construction works almost done

welders are securing the layers of steel, 30 tons in weight

from a distance, the structure is transparent

it gets more interesting coming closer where optical effects make parts of it look solid

the steel structure is a copy on a 1:3 scale of the nearby church

Pieterjan Gijs & Arnout Van Vaerenbergh
a gorgeous set of pictures on their Flickr pages HERE (bottom of page)

a project by
Z33 - house for contemporary art - the museum without a collection
Z-OUT pit - art in open space

official inauguration on 24 September 2011 from 2PM until 17PM
Borgloon - Belgium

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PLUMe said...

c'est complètement fou et magnifique à la fois.
J'adore : tant d'énergie dépensée au nom de l'art!
du grand art!

hildA said...

absolument d'accord Emmanuel,
Nous irons sûrement revisiter le lieu et de préférence au lever ou coucher de soleil, et pourqoui pas quand il a neigé. Maintenant il y avait encore les ouvriers, la prochaine fois nous allons voir l'interieur.