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Oct 1, 2009

Léon Wuidar - Boutisses

"A few cubes echoing the headers ("boutisses") in the walls of the castle in the background , it is obvious. And also forms from the childhood bag ("baluchon") where I cannot help drawing my inspiration. As far as the walker is concerned, let him have the pleasure to find meaning that he wants, that he can. Let him deny himself nothing."
"Boutisse" : Walloon word to refer to bricks or stones with the width on the front.
"Baluchon" : Small square of fabric knotted at the four ends containing someone's belongings.

Léon Wuidar (B) - Boutisses - painted concrete

Couleur(s)³ - 12 artists - works in the open
Chateau de Jehay - Amay - Belgium
until october 4th 2009
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