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Oct 4, 2009

Benoît Decque - The Pink Room

When walking through the park to discover the colourfull sculptures at Couleur(s)³, I was very intrigued by this installation. I already loved the shape of it ... but where was the colour - the theme of the exhibition?

La Chambre Rose
"A rough stone stands as a rebel in the middle of a park where there is only refinement and sophistication! The Pink Room precisely organizes itself around this monolith, it invites the visitor to share its "intimacy" : being in contact with so much roughness will here become a true experience!"

When leaving the Pink Room the grass seemed an unatural green, it can't be captured by the camera.

I definitely love this installation.
But I'm not happy with the way the pink shows on the camera, in reality it is much brighter ...

... so I decide to set my camera on its darkest mode and there it shows how bright the pink is, it really lights up.

Can't get enough of it. One more...

to view the whole building process of the Pink Room : click on this LINK
Benoît Decque has a blog :
Couleur(s)³ - 12 artists - works in the open
9th edition of the exhibition at the Chateau de Jehay - Amay - Belgium.
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