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Oct 2, 2009

Charlotte Marchal at Couleur(s)³

Les croix de St-André

"The cross has been one of the attested symbols since high antiquity. It is the third of the four fundamental symbols : the centre, the circle and the squares. It symbolizes the earth. It links heaven and earth. The aim is to create a dialogue between landscape and sculpture. An appropriateness, a punctuation, a second reading, an intervention which wants to be discreet but nevertheless present. The cross brings us back to mankind."

Couleur(s)³ - 12 artists - works in the open
Chateau de Jehay - Amay - Belgium
until october 4th 2009
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wim said...

I like the word 'boutisses'. Never heard about it, and that's because je suis Flamand ;-))))