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Oct 15, 2009

Els Van den Veyver - A fairy tale

Els Van den Veyver places a dilapidated container on a public location. This container is filled with hair, a fairy tale house of a fugitive. He is homeless and finds this temporary shelter, lives in a placeless place and never finds home. This work is a monument for the asylum seeker. The artist makes his presence clear by showing his absence.
How many times does he cut his hair, how much hair is left behind?

The mirror that was supposed to cover the circle in front of the artwork was gone by the time we visited this location.

part of Tempus Arti triennial art route this summer
36 international artists - interaction between local environment and art installations.
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wim said...

Dit werk en foto's doen mij denken aan de slachtingen die Buffalo Bill heeft aangericht onder de Noord Amerikaanse Bisons.