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Oct 14, 2009

Klitsa Antoniou at Tempus Arti

No Photographs to be Taken Beyond this Point

"These signs are placed along the (imaginary) border of the Flemish and Walloon regions. The signs are a direct copy of the signs found along the separating line in Cyprus. The minimalist, but conceptual approach to the location is not simply referencing the Cyprus border experience but is more openly speaking against a specific social and political situation of expressions of power and control."
Klitsa Antoniou (Cyprus)
Mine Face

A Lethe-Hydor
"Water of Truth". The work is severely damaged by weather conditions. HERE is a picture of how it was supposed to look (bottom left on the page).

Erect Paradise
the location : a former army terrain, empty military barracks.
"With this multi interpretable installation, Klitsa Antoniou also puts the visitor before a sincere ambiguity. This double feeling which is indelibly linked with the social, political and familial history on Cyprus possibly touches us even more by choosing this location.
The boxes are like the small rooms in many homes and are internally coloured and covered by decorative wallpaper. The nostalgic domestic feeling is abruptly confronted with the military past and the present. Her contemporary art is a statement in history. It is about the ambiguity in political decisions, about virtual and other borders and the not being at home when at home."
part of Tempus Arti triennial art route this summer
36 international artists - interaction between local environment and art installations.
posts on Tempus Arti via this LINK.

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