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Sep 21, 2011

Badaire en Liberté

Imagine a charming French country house in a small village near the Loire, built on the site of an ancient castle with remnants of a sturdy tower, surrounded by a moat with dozens of different ducks and swans.

This is a little piece of heaven and the keepers of this lovely dream, Octavie & Sébastien Gresse, are art and music lovers who decided to open a gallery and guesthouse.  The current exhibition - painter Jean-Gilles Badaire - is displayed on the outside walls and in trees, it takes a while before the place reveals all it's treasures.

We had the privilege of calling this 'our home' for a few days, the first rays of the sun shining in our bedroom.

What about having breakfast in a medieval tower turned into a gallery?

Or outside near the water?  The breakfast scene when the weather is nice, life is wonderful...

Badaire en Liberté
Jean-Gilles Badaire at the museum-gallery of 'Les Arts d'Hélion'
until 25 September 2011
Onzain, Loir et Cher, France

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