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Oct 12, 2011

Les Douves - art & music

Onzain, a quiet village near the Loire, France, just a few minutes from Chaumont-sur-Loire.

in a very quiet street near the centre
a house - surrounded by a moat - built on the remnants of an ancient castle

our B&B for a few days while visiting the region
let's ring the bell and go in...

vines growing on the bridge

front of the house with the private quarters of the owners

at the back, another building is reserved for guests
step inside, I'll show you around

a very spacious bedroom - salon (part of it)

the view from the bed
the door on the right leads towards...

an extra room with wifi, TV and...

an extra bed

at the other end, the bathroom and dressing with another small sitting room

and back into the large bedroom with light flowing in from both sides


sunset on the private terrace

breakfast outside when the weather is nice...

while watching countless varieties of ducks and swans painting light on the water

one of the local beauties

an old bridge leads to the fruit garden

artworks all over the property - this wooden sculpture is by Sébastien Touret

wooden sculpture by Sébastien Touret in the tower/gallery

in the Tour 'Hélion, breakfast can be served when the weather gets cooler 
this room is the location for concerts in the colder season

during summer, concerts are taking place in the courtyard
unfortunately, while we were visiting, bad weather was predicted the afternoon of the concert

it took place in the tiny church of the village

upcoming event


Musique baroque à la tour d’Hélion
Samedi 22(17h&20h) & dimanche 23 octobre(15h&17h)
Les Douves – Onzain – Loir&Cher
"Voyage baroque de Versailles à Potsdam"
Yannis Roger, violon
Eléonore Hochapfel, traverso
Lydie Sarrabay-Lejeune : violoncelle
Alexis de Camboulas, clavecin

Les Douves is a nice and peaceful place to stay when in the Loire region.  Sébastien and Octavie Gresse are delightful hosts with four adorable children.

Onzain, Loir et Cher, France

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