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Oct 24, 2011

GrenzKunstRoute011 continued

one fine day in August...

we head towards a forest overlapping a tiny part of the Belgian-German border near Aachen

with some very peculiar trees with a history

a walk through the wood reveals works of art

Andreas Hetfeld (NL) - Home

Dieter Call (DE) - 3 Meter Raum

Dieter Call (DE) - don't walk walkway

Karin van der Molen (NL) & Pat van Boeckel (NL) - Space Invaders

a few of these cabins are spread over the forest, inside each one a sculpture...

Maarten Fleuren & Kees Reijnen (NL) - Einsiedler (immigrants)

Marion van der Sant (DE) - Ratschläge (advices)

Martine Plateau (BE) - po me de terre

Laconi Carlo Salvatore III & Gianleonardo Viglino (IT) - info@ssile/Kudurru 1 (detail)

Werner Henkel (DE) - Schonung

the weather is turning really bad, a heavy summer rain interrupts our stroll, we're not prepared for this and run towards ...

the nearest shelter ... into a work of art...

which turns out to be... a shower!  funny coincidence

Suus Baltussen (NL) - Refreshment 
(we were quite refreshed indeed, thanks Suus for the shelter, sorry for the mud we might have left behind)

GrenzKunstRoute011 - Übergriffe
info on artists in this LINK

finissage 30 Oktober 2011

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