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Sep 11, 2011

FREESTATE - young belgian art

'splendid isolation'

a warm - 26°C - cloudy day at the Belgian coast.  Ostend harbour, eastern docks.  Art walk : meeting point, a former fishnet weaving establishment near the fishing docks.

We decide to see the exhibition spread over two levels in the factory at the end of our walk.

first exhibition space : the chapel of a former military hospital in the dunes

the red brick road in the dunes

leads us to the beach for a short stretch towards the next location

Fort Napoleon, a fortress ordered by... Napoleon Bonaparte

the art walk continues along docks towards the next location

on our way one of the works in the open (pictures of the actual artworks and artists in future posts, no time today to sort all the pictures I've taken)

we enter the belly of this ship to watch a video

time for lunch...

crossing the lock over the dock to get to a restaurant near the fish market

and watch the ferries start the crossing of the Channel towards England

the exhibition continues in the underground parts of an Atlantikwall bunker from the second world war  (it was so dark inside we actually missed one of the exhibition rooms, as we found out later)

to get back to our first location where we explore all the rooms filled with art by 20 young Belgian artists or foreign artists that are studying in Belgium.

meeting point : Hendrik Baelskaai 12
Ostend - Belgium

until 11 September 2011  today!!!
from 11h00 until 18h00

FREESTATE (click to open site and get the information on all 20 artists)
'splendid isolation'

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