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Sep 27, 2011

Amiens' floating gardens

We're travelling south and stopping for one night in Amiens, Picardie, France.

One can't miss the breathtaking space inside the Cathedral of our Lady of Amiens, the largest gothic cathedral in Europe.

This is the region of the Somme river, where one of the most tragic events of WW I took place.  A commemorative wall to the 600.000 soldiers that were killed in this region.

The labyrinth in Notre Dame d'Amiens cathedral on which devote people would 'walk' on their knees towards the centre while praying.  My husband did it on foot and was busy for quite some time...

I love mazes and labyrinths and by pure chance do we get to experience a particular one...

Les hortillonnages or 'floating gardens', a mosaic of 300 hectares of market and floral gardens.  Countless canals - 65 KM - and little islands, a barge trip with a little 'bayou' feeling.
Dating from the Middle Ages and cultivated by market-gardeners.

hundreds of people have vegetable and flower gardens here

very popular during the good season, little shacks and chalets everywhere

The farmers sell their vegetables (3 crops a year) on the local market

only accessible by boat

every year there is a contest for the nicest flower garden

and some 'island' owners provide funny touches of outsider art

I do spot a land art sculpture and learn that there is more on other islands and on the lakes... will have to find out more...

a few hours later, after dinner on the banks of the Somme, we walk back to the car and see...

two silent immobile figures on the water waiting for something...

waiting for what?   ... I'll tell you tomorrow

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