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Jul 24, 2011

le Domaine de Pomone

Walking the whole circuit of 45km in the 'Wind in the Forest' - le Vent des Forêts - means one needs to stay in the region for a few nights.   This region is not overcrowded with tourists which means there are not so many places to stay.  We found this little gem about 15km from our goal.

A lovely country guesthouse in the small village Woinville in Lorraine, France.

The house seems to have a history connected with Joan of Arc.

The family Haldat du Lys was granted the use of the emblem of the Royal Lily like the one on the tiles in the entrance.  The large statue of Jeanne d'Arc in the hallway was removed by an antique dealer before the house was sold a few years ago.

The B&B has three cosy rooms, each one in a different colour.

The spectacular sunrise seen from our bedroom. 

Charming details in the breakfast/reading room.

The continental breakfast with homemade jams and sweets. 
Nicole Gerard, the charming owner and hostess, is very helpful in giving information about the region.

The guesthouse is set in a peaceful garden.

A menhir listed as a historic monument.

Remnants of an antique glasshouse in the vegetable garden.

When in the region we'll surely come back here.

Le Domaine de Pomone
1, ruelle de Haldat du Lys - 55300 WOINVILLE - FRANCE

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