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Jul 20, 2011

Luc Schuiten - visionary architect

visionary and poetic ways of transport (part I)

Le Sautraile

L'ornithoplane à ailes battantes

detail - I just love this!

Le Chenillard

Le Cyclo

my apologies for the reflection in the photos

Le Tramodulaire

We left the exhibition (more on that tomorrow) with two books by Luc Schuiten.  Bad weather is predicted the next days but I won't mind... I'm going to explore this gorgeous visionary world and get inspired.

I love his work ever since I had the chance to visit his dream house Orejona some 35 years ago.  He showed a book he was working on about a house project that involved putting seven cherry stones in the ground and wait for them to grow into trees and then build a diamond shaped house in it.  Pure magic!

Luc Schuiten
information on the books, click HERE

ARTour 2011 biennial

until 28.08.2011

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