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Jul 27, 2011

1997 in the Forest

The six villages of the Wind in the Forest - Le Vent des Forêts - invited the first artists in 1997. Some of these works have dissolved into nature, others still remain.  These pictures were taken September 2010.

Klaus Heid (DE) - Utopia - 1997 - Le Vent des Forêts - #2

Maciej Albrzykowski (PO) - "Par Erreur... (by mistake) - 1997 - Le Vent des Forêts - #1

Marek Borsányi (CZ) - Gardien - 1997 - Le Vent des Forêts - #15

Some of the originial sculpted poles were recently replaced by other ones.  The artist lives in the region, so I guess he looks after his installation and keeps it in good condition.

Nicolas Chenard (FR) - L'oeil du Cyclope - 1997 - Le Vent des Forêts - #16

#4, 11, 12 and 13 from the same year are still in place, I've blogged them in previous posts.

Wind in the Forest

In July, six villages in the forest - in the Meuse region (France) - invite international artists to take a different look at nature and create works displayed along a 45- kilometre footpath through 5.000 hectares of forest.

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