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Feb 15, 2011

familiar 'faces' at Truc Troc...

... I spot a few artworks from artists I have blogged about before or I've met in some other way.

Eline 't Sant - Ek treur nie meer nie - on the right

and her great parrots

Eline 't Sant - Green Parrot & Ara
These works were at an exhition HERE recently.
more about her in 'search this blog'

Jacques Dujardin with vegetal work behind glass.  Quite a few years ago we visited his studio in Tervuren (I didn't take pictures back then).  We had a nice conversation about his interesting art.  He does work with animal fat, if my memory does not trick me, and this made me link the next work of art to him although it is signed by another name (but same site). 

Franz Coquidor - Les derniers boudins belges
referring to the complicated political situation in our country?

Laurent Jourquin - Mouse and Monkey - very popular attracting the youngest visitors of the event.
a similar piece in the exhibition HERE

Peggy Wauters

Peggy Wauters - Correction
more about this multi-disciplinary artist in 'search this blog'

Sonia Aniceto - Oiseau Nageur & mes deux mères

detail of painting mixed with textiles and stitching

same here ... I love it.  Yes, I put a note for an exchange offer, but some of them are so valuable and interesting I can't compete.
This kind of work keeps catching my attention.  I've come accross her work at a few occasions and I'm always drawn to it.  View more posts in the 'search this blog' on top right of page.

And in the distance I see another water scene and there is no doubt, it is a painting by ...

Arne Reynaert - Looking 4 - in the back
Interested to view the artist's amazing studio?  Again, use the 'search this blog' to view the many posts on Arne and his work.

in the foreground work by...

Caroline Notté - Mats en tempête

exchange fair

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