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Feb 26, 2011

Affordable Art Fair - faces

Before entering the actual Fair hall a large wooden wall tells us that a special focus on street art with live acts is going on during the event.  More on that in a later post.

Looking at the pictures I've taken I notice a lot of faces in the artworks displayed...

detail of work by Thierry Vieux on the right.
Already in the first stand we discover François du Plessis'  latest work (left) more posts on the artist in 'search this blog'.

Heidi Wulms (left)
Bram de Jong - Olea europea - felt (left)

Noumeda Carbone - Lydia Dekker at  Triple X Art Gallery

I do recognize this face ...
I'm pretty sure these are close-ups from the actress in the movie L'Amant (The Lover)
sculpture by Mauro Molteni

Monique Reyniers - Little Doll at Gallery More (BE)

Another déjà-vu and a pretty recent one ... remember the mixed-media work on the right from Truc Troc Fair two weeks ago?  I guess the exchange offers weren't satisfying.

Johan Thunell at Villa del Arte Galleries (SP) pretty much reminded me of THIS we saw last year.
update : went back to the fair on saturday afternoon and already more than half of them were sold

Juan Pajares also at Villa del Arte Galleries

one last face...

two days later the doggy is gone... dogs seemed a very popular item on this fair so I'll post a few more in the next post.

Affordable Art Fair

Tour & Taxis Brussels - Belgium
25-28 February 2011
Contemporary art from 50 to 5000€

more impressions on the fair click label below, more in the next days.

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