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Feb 28, 2011

dogs & dolls & toys at AAF

At some point one could wonder if we didn't end up in a toy or pet Fair.  Dogs seemed to be quite prominent and the amount of photographs with toys too.

Laureano Gisca with an interesting 'pet'

Clyde Knowland at Galerie Art City (FR)

Guy Von Ofterdingen (the 'chocolate' bears top left) at Xavier Ronse Gallery (BE)

Laurence Afano at Automates Galerie (BE)

Pierre-Augustin Marboeuf - Eugénie at Galerie François Giraudeau.

artitled! contemporary art (NL)

and more dogs by Ela Janzcak at Tom Joye art center (BE)

and more 'toys' by Kathy Mueller Moser at Wanrooij Fine Art (NL)

and these cuties
by Celine Jégou at Galerie Artima (FR)

and many more dogs, birds, crocodiles, butterflies,...  on almost every stand in the Fair.

Affordable Art Fair

Tour & Taxis Brussels - Belgium
25-28 February 2011
Contemporary art from 50 to 5000€

more impressions on the fair click label below


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