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Feb 3, 2011

Helina Rääk - painting, sewing, drawing

I am usually not too fond of pastels and flowers and other 'girly' things, but I really did like this work.

The mix of painting, drawing, stitching and 3D elements made these works quite interesting.

Nice details I'd love to explore a bit longer.

Estonian born Helina Rääk lives and works in Paris.  One of the artists in the 59 Rue Rivoli building.

more on this building in the previous posts


Martin said...

Way to go Helina! :)

béné said...

hello !Isaw the link on fb
hope that it works for you and that you are fine :)
Your Work make me think to Pierre Bonnard 'cause of the light :)

Bénédicte(Béa's sister)

Anonymous said...

Helina, your work is beautiful! I wish I could be there to experience it first hand. I love the pillows, like a gateway into dreams........MilkandHoney:)

colorado chiropractor said...

Dream come true. Im so happy for you.