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Feb 6, 2011

La Défense - sculpture park

Icy wind on a cloudy day in winter, not exactly the right time to visit La Défense in Paris, but here we are.

Alexander Calder - Red Spider - 1976

Joan Miró

Yaacov Agam with a monumental dancing fountain that ends in a colourful cascade on the right (not in the picture).

Grataloup - Les Trois Arbres (the three trees)

Raymond Moretti

I just got a new small camera with a few extras.  Just playing around with extra bright colours (it is a very gloomy day) and other bits.

First time I use the fish-eye...

But it is way too cold to go and find more sculptures - there are 60 of them scattered over a large area - maybe we'll come back here on a nice summer day. 
In the meantime get to know more on the artworks via this LINK

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