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Feb 21, 2011

Coal Fired Computers by YoHa

It looks like an engine from a not so distant past.  Kids are very attracted to it, elders get a nostalgic feeling.

A coal-fired boiler hisses and pufs large amounts of dirty smoke into the air ...

... the large yellow cable leads through a window ...

... and gives power to run computers in the exhibition area upstairs.

What looks like a playful installation gets more serious, at a closer look ...

... we detect blackened lungs.  The whole story and concept of this installation can be found HERE

more works by these artists at the ARTEFACTFESTIVAL

Tantalium Memorial - Reconstruction by Harwood, Wright and Yokokoji (UK/JP)

'Tantalum Memorial is a series of telephonybased memorials to the people who have died as a result of the 'coltan wars' in the Congo.'

Graham Harwood (UK) - Aluminium
a video with fabulous images, view it HERE

15 - 24 February 2011
STUK arts Centre
Leuven (Louvain)- Belgium

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