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Nov 26, 2008

windows and art at the art tour Saint-Martin

While going through the hundreds of pictures I took - I know, I guess I'm somewhat hooked on this little camera - I noticed I like to take pictures of windows. So, lets put a few of them together.

I did not register the name of this artist. It is one of these 3 : Nelly Bruneel, Christophe Abbes or Aurélie Vink. Apologies to the artist. If someone does know who it is please leave a comment.

here too I'm not sure about the artist, but I think it is Maryline Coppée

Nicole Lisochub

...and these shoes seem to be on the lookout and waiting for their master to get home to be taken for a walk.

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Anonymous said...

I forgot the name of the taker of the photographs.

hildA said...

it was ... hmmm ... it slips my mind ... a case of Alzheimer light