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Nov 3, 2008

back, but not quite ...

Hi to the regular - and other - readers of my blog. I know they are there although I don't get many comments.

It has been very quiet here since we came back from Canada a few weeks ago. A trip we enjoyed very much.

Trying to keep worries out of my head, but the recent events are still very present. Anita was very much part of our travel. She actually did a part of the voyage with her partner exactly a year ago .

Our very last morning we happened to meet an artist whose works left a big impression on me. The works - in her studio and the solo-exhibition we rushed to in another city - seemed so simple but they told powerful stories. The spirit behind it reminded me so much of Anita I actually became unwell, the emotion was overwhelming.

I did make pictures to put on my blog. I'm just not confident that I will be able to present this artists' work through my pictures; the details and stories get lost this way.
Now who is the artist? I hear you ask. That will be for my next post.

This was just a : Hi, I'm back.


Anonymous said...

Hi, nice to have you back!
Looks like you have a new haircut.

Anonymous said...

that's definately you in the picture! good shot,