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Nov 24, 2008

Fêtes de la Saint-Martin art tour - Grand Ovoïde

Grand Ovoïde
Mostafa Hadi & Pol Marchandise
Ode au Bois

This wooden structure stands 6m80 tall and has a diameter of 5 m.
And yes, that is snow on the intersection of the wood. Very early this year. Only the brave are touring.
And it would help if one drives a Jeep type of car. The bottom of the car hit the road a few times. Here I can say : for art's sake!!

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Anonymous said...

I remember once, visiting a friend in Tourinnes an I ended up in a other place called Tourinnes Saint-Lambert. It was in the late fifties with a "deux cheveaux" you could really drive trough the fields.

hildA said...

Well, I remember a 2CV Citroën as a kind of Jeep-thing in a minimal version. And I guess many of the roads through these fields you drove are still the same; although the bump in the middle may be higher now since the farmers' gear is much heavier now than in those days. But the scenery is great.