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Nov 27, 2008

farmhouses at the art tour Fêtes de la Saint-Martin

One of the reasons I love this art tour is the choice of amazing settings where artists are invited to display their work. Many private homes - small and bigger - open their doors to the public, but there are some pretty old farmhouses to visit. To get to some of them a bit of cross country is part of the tour.

The most spectacular farm must be the Ferme de Wahenge, set in an unspoilt environment which is quite rare in Belgium. The first record of this farm dates back to 1194 and excavations indicate an ancient Roman settlement.

and this year it is painter and photographer Dominiq Fournal who is invited to show his work

Dominiq Fournal :
More pictures of the 'Ferme de Wahenge' are found on this site that promotes shooting and filming locations :
And an idea of the size of it all here : the large building in the back is the barn where the paintings are exhibited.

Another impressive farm is the Ferme d'Agbiermont. The founder of the Fêtes de la Saint-Martin is late Max van der Linden. His family lives here since more than 10 generations.

this room houses the permanent collection of ceramist Max van der Linden

and I could not resist some lovely details

Max van der Linden :
Fêtes de la Saint-Martin art tour :
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