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Nov 20, 2008

just a little something while waiting for real inspiration

A few months ago I decided it was time to clear loads of fabric stacked in my sewing room. Some 25 years ago I used to make patchwork. I grew out of that but the many pieces of gorgeous fabrics where still cluttering the cupboards and drawers waiting for that 'I will need them some day'. But now it was time for a serious clearing.
But ... no ... that scrap, no I can't let go. And this one ... no, this was one of my favorites. and ... no ...
You guess what happened.
While I was brooding on a new series of completely different works I made something I did not need to think about. I copied - yes, copied (not my usual doing) - a work from one of my favorite artists : a Japanese woodcut by Friedensreich Hundertwasser. No sketches, no measures taken ... just a cut and sew thing just by looking at a small postcard which I bought at the Kunsthaus Wien.
I finished the colourful appliqué in a few hours - I did not need to buy any material - but I stretched it on a wooden frame only recently. And, ... I do like my copied art. Bright colours to chase dark moods.
And all the fabrics and scraps? Still cluttering my sewing room.

69 cm x 83 cm
After the Japanese woodcut "Waiting Houses" by Hundertwasser

link to see an image of the original print :
info on Hundertwasser :
info on Kunsthaus Wien :

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