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Nov 28, 2008

locations at the art tour Fêtes de la Saint-Martin

Other popular locations for the artists are houses being renovated. A whole house at their disposal, with interesting walls as backdrop. Advantage : an empty house has lots of rooms to put many artists at one location. It makes sure people will stop here.

But the weather is changing, it is a very early winter this year. It adds charm to the art-walk and tour. But for some artists present, exhibiting in an empty house or stable or barn with no heating - and this 4 weekends in a row - is quite exhausting.

For the visitors though these locations have a lot of charm. This house is literally filled from the attic down to the cellars.

Muriel Solliard

Lou Hendryckx

Lou Hendryckx

Dominique Noël

Dominique Noël

the theme of these paintings is the "Princess Elisabeth Antarctica" - the first zero emission research station

Nicole Lisochub

and Fanny Taymans, Colette Van Damme and Lucy Kalin

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