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Nov 4, 2008

Nadia Myre - multi-disciplinary visual artist

Our very last morning in Canada, an unexpected but strong experience : Meeting Nadia Myre in her studio and visiting the ongoing exhibition of some of her works.

artist Nadia Myre in her impressive studio

installation artist - she uses the traditional techniques of her people in contemporary artworks

8 of the 56 pages of the Indian Act
The pages are beaded over with glass beads by over 230 people.
more pictures and the artist's statement :

part of the installation Wood of desire

The Distance Between Us


a participatory work in progress

during the exhibition visitors can participate in the project by sharing their experience with scars on a numbered stretched canvas. A written explanation about the individual work accompanies the finished piece.

already over 400 people contributed to the project.

I was not going to leave the room without participating in the scar project. Very little time to think about the idea, hardly any time for the execution, but glad I took the time to join in ...
These are just a few of the many impressive works and I'd love to see the future exhibition of the pieces she's working on now.
We delivered the rented car at the airport not one minute too early - not one minute too late. Excellent timing. And I left Canada with an experience I won't forget; the very brief meeting with Nadia Myre left an imprint on my soul. (explanation in yesterday's post).


Anonymous said...

That participatory thing in the scar project is very interesting, would like to see yours.

hildA said...

I did make a picture of my piece, but since I had so little time to think about it and to execute it ... well, let's say it is a work in progress; as a wound - not yet healed - is a work in progress too. It refers to non physical scars, some never heal.