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May 25, 2009

Löwenbräu building - Zürich

The Löwenbräu-areal in Zürich houses several galleries, the Migros Museum for contemporary art and the Kunsthalle.

It reminds me of my visit to the Belgo building in Montreal (all posts on the Belgo galleries HERE); an old building with stairs, corridors and doors leading to different galleries and exhibitions. The Löwenbräu is smaller, so there is less to discover.

Unfortunately the Migros Museum, the Kunsthalle and a few of the galleries were closed because new exhibitions were set up, or old ones were dismantled.
But without many exhibitions taking place I take the time to explore empty rooms and peek through the open doors from closed galleries. In the Belgo-Montreal I discovered I loved to take pictures of open doors revealing the hidden. And no ... in general I'm not a nosy person.

But ... a few galleries were open
more tomorrow

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