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May 16, 2009

functional or not

Remarks I do get sometimes : what is the function of your columns? What can you use them for?
These remarks keep surprising me. I never ask a painter of how his painting should be used. You hang it on a wall, and occasionally you have a look at it, no-one asks how a painting should be used. Same goes for sculptures; I hear no-one ask what you should do with a sculpture. You put it on a stand, the floor or on the dresser and that is it.

My columns are primarily not build to have a function. I'm playing with shapes and colours and build a 'sculpture' with them. But, with a bit of creativity a function can be added. In winter I will have them standing in dark corners with big candles on top of them. Some of them can be topped by glass to make a stand, HERE is a detail of how they are used in a eyewear shop. A friend who - over the years bought two of them - uses hers in this way and changes the decor according to the season. Others have fruit on it or have their businesscards lying in it.

The two latest Honderdwaters definitely do have a function; or not if one prefers just to look at them like they are.

The picture above is the first Honderdwater build as a table. The next one can be used in many different ways.

1. a plant stand

2. topped with a glass plate to make a table

3. just as it is without anything added

4. my preference goes to the following

A votre santé


sonny said...

Moet, hmmm...weren't we supposed todrink that bottle ?
Better add another glass to that photo


Anonymous said...

is the price the same with the Moet?

hildA said...

Sonny & Leen ...
... too late