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May 23, 2009

away and back X 2

Our internet connection failed for about a week, we've got it back although we still don't know what caused the problem.

Two weeks ago we were away for a few days. Zürich-Switserland for my husband's work and - travelling by car - returning over Basel and the Alsace in France. I visited musea and galleries and three artists' studios and came back with my mental batteries fully charged and the camera filled with pictures (so many that the computer could not take them all, its capacity is full). That is what will come up the next days. I just need looking for the right links to include in the posts ... meanwhile, here's a stroll through Zürich.

a nice 25C° during the day, with snow capped mountains beyond the lake

window of a local diner - text on tureen : fresh soup

1 comment:

wim said...

Nice stroll through Zurich.
I remember a Confiserie-pâtisserie and Tea room, called Huguenin in Zurich, they had the best Swiss chocolat pralines that time, maybe they do not exist anymore since;
'avec le temps, va, tout s'en va ...'
Geniet maar veel van je reizen met Wim, het gaat allemaal zooo snel voorbij.