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Feb 10, 2009

SuperStories - Triennial of contemporary art, design and fashion

furniture by Bram Boo
the yellow artwork on the wall is by his father Bram Bogart

stunning details on the ...

TXS armchair
Max Le Belge

Leather Lounge Chair
Maarten Van Severen

2nd Triennial of contemporary art, fashion and design February 7 - May 10 - 2009
Hasselt Belgium

SuperStories Triennial :
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Anonymous said...

De stoel van Max le Belge met de verborgen schuif vind ik de 'max' en de houten poutrel is ook origineel.

Anonymous said...

Wow...the one in the picture tickles my heart. hope to buy one in future.I too have a Contemporary Art website that may be of some use to you visitors.Thanks for sharing though.

Filipa said...

I’m designer in a wonderful project called Boca do Lobo, this need to be shared.