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Feb 13, 2009

Jan Marechal - fun ceramics

While walking from one location to the next exhibition at SuperStories in Hasselt - Belgium (more posts on this later) we spot this window where emerging ceramic artist Jan Marechal is working. I have an addiction on artists' studios so I had to go in and see what was happening.

He makes these irresistible UFO-boats.

Still setting up shop.
The painting in the background is fascinating, I just don't know who the artist is.
Can someone tell me so that I can add the information
the artist in the background
(again, I don't know who painted this portrait)

Sorry ... not the best picture of his UFO-boats. If I get the chance to go back one day I will try to make a better one.


Anonymous said...

Knap binnengegluurd ;-)

Anonymous said...

Het is eigenlijk meer buitengegluurd.;-)

Anonymous said...

that painting in the background: we saw something years ago in Bali very similar style, i have a picture somewhere, i'll look it up. think he was Belgian, european at least,