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Jun 13, 2011

knights' tales on a rainy day

We were waiting for some rain... it hadn't rained for months and although we had gorgeous summer weather in early spring rain was necessary. 

And yes we got it, all the missing rain in one day (not quite, but waiting outside for more than an hour made us think so).

So what is so important that you want to spend an hour in the howling wind and rain for...?  We already bought the tickets earlier, so we couldn't change our mind again...  We thought that since it was going to be a rainy day we'd spend some time inside...

... this fairy tale castle.  Neuschwanstein, built by the tragic king Ludwig II of Bavaria.

Disappointment... taking pictures is not allowed.  Such a pity, this castle has a breathtaking decor which comes very close to kitsch and I loved it.  Every room is a life size picture book with knights and princesses in medieval tales.

I just grabbed two shots in the staircase.

View from the balcony towards the Hohenschwangau castle.

The café.

On our way out we walk through a passage...

...lit with white fluorescent lights.  The white walls turn green and this is exactly what happened in Munich at the Pinakothek der Moderne in this post click

From the castle we spot the Marienbrücke, a pedestrian bridge.  We decide to climb the hill, we're already soaked through and through.  A bit more won't make a difference...

Our reward : a nice view over the castle and surroundings.

Couples attach padlocks with their names to the bridge... not so sure if the sad history of the lonely king will be inspiring.

On our way down we spot a surprised lizard who seems to enjoy the rain...

... we don't.  It will take two days for my boots to dry!

The next day we're in the neighbourhood again.  Weather is nice, so two more shots of Schloss Neuschwanstein before we explore more of the region Ostallgäu in Bavaria.

Yes... that is snow on the mountaintop.  The Alps on the German side.

Extensive information about the building of the castle in this LINK
A walk through the castle :

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