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Jun 9, 2011

Haus der Kunst - Munich

A museum build by Nazis to glorify German Art.

Open to international modern art in present times.

 Chinese artist Ai Weiwei - a call for release 

It is lunch time, the back side of the museum has a very large terrace with a café.  The seats in the picture are for a night event at the museum.

I'm heading to the Goldene Bar for a nice lunch.  I have the impression the chairs might be original from the time this was built.  I didn't ask.

Part of the Golden Bar inside which is ... very golden.  All four walls + the ceiling.

Even the modern lounge area glows in a golden light.  But the weather is too nice to sit inside.

And while I'm waiting for my food ...

I discover unusual features...

Don't have pictures of the exhibitions, photographing wasn't allowed.

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