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Jun 7, 2011


A subterranean passage along a busy boulevard in Munich centre.  A forum dedicated to modern art.
Accessible 24/7 - Open daily 0-24 hrs (according to Munich's official website)

Sounds promising, I've got only two days to explore Munich, but I do want to see this ...

I already love this... bamboos on the escalator.  I like surreal and unexpected things like this.

Now ... is there anything else in this space I wonder?

Two pillars with light that go dark after a few minutes...

There is a large window downstairs, completely dark.  Is this it?

I regret that I spent time to get here that might have been more useful somewhere else.

At least ... I enjoyed the sight of the escalating bamboo!

Munich's official site on the forum HERE
be sure to get the proper information about what is going on when, because the 24/7, 0-24 hrs. only applies to the passage to get from one side of the street to the other side in almost complete darkness.

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