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Jun 11, 2011

Maibaum and Mât de Cocagne

In Bavaria - Germany, every village has its own Maypole.

Some of them are left in natural wood but most of them wear the Bavarian colours Blue and White.

Each one is unique and it is a tradition that other villages try to steal the Maypole but this is only allowed following strict rules!

The tradition is centuries old.

First I thought these Maypoles were related to the Mâts de Cocagne in France.

Although it looks similar enough to suspect a connection the story is not quite the same.  A Mât de Cocagne - or Greasy Pole - is a popular game that consists in climbing a greased pole to grab the goods hanging from the top. 
From a distance this may look like an original one but it isn't...

This one is an artwork along the Vent des Fôrets, Wind in the Forest. 

Not so slippery as an original one should be... it is covered with broken pieces of glass.

François Chevalier - Le Mât de Cocagne - 2006 - Le Vent des Fôrets - #125

this link seems to be broken very recently, I hope it is just temporary.  Le Vent des Fôrets does have a Facebook page though, click HERE to access it.
view more artworks along this 45 KM trail in the forest by clicking label under this post.

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