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Jun 14, 2011

Fake carvings and real sculptures

Another castle on a hill, without the knights' tales but with surprising features.

From the bottom of the hill it looks stark and inaccessible.

Coming closer, a few specks of colour appear.

Past two gates the amount of colour and decoration increases.

And that is what it is... colour.  Trompe l'oeil or 'deceiving the eye' painted stones.

Past three gates lies a decent sized castle, at a closer look we see that all of the features around the doors and windows and on corners are painted.

Fake balconies with extra windows next to real ones.

Pretty weird 'corner' stones.

Only the wooden door, the plant and the rock are real.

Pure coincidence that there is a sculpture exhibition going on right now.  kunst means art in German.

I have a vague impression I've seen similar sculptures very recently...

only a few hours ago actually...

Georg Lerchenmüller
Füssen - Bavaria - Germany
until October 2011
entrance to the courtyard is free, the jewelry exhibition inside is not.

and on our way back to our cosy hotel we do spot these in a meadow near the road...

It is the same  local artist ... Georg Lerchenmüller.

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