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May 30, 2011

sun & surf

It is a really hot day, I've been walking for hours and need a cool spot.  This seems to be the place.

The sound of roaring water and surfers splashing water in all directions have the required effect.

I'm not anywhere near the coast.  I guess the closest would be at some 200 KM distance.  This is river surfing, didn't even know it existed.

By the look of it - and I'm far from being an expert, on the contrary - the surfers aren't beginners.  This water looks very tricky with a powerful current.

Very popular... surfers lining up on both sides of the wave.

As soon as one goes down another jumps in.

Really fun to watch as there is constant activity.

The water is only this wide but some surfers develop quite some speed and make turns at only a few inches from concrete walls.

I never expected to see something like that here.

So where is this surf spot I hear you ask?

In the centre of a city with 1.364.000 inhabitants.

Where people are used to see someone getting undressed along a large boulevard.

The very narrow 'river' is called Eisbach and comes to the surface at this very point in Munich, capital of Bavaria, Germany.  Great place.

Just by looking at this I feel quite refreshed and continue my walk through the city...

more Munich the next days

1 comment:

sonny said...

That first shot is awesome, and she's not wearing a wetsuit, go girl !
And you are more 200km from the sea, the nearest "surfable" spot would be about 800 plus kms away :-)
I've never seen this wave, driven past munich a few times now on my way to the snow, one day