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May 16, 2011

Luminous - a bright exhibition

Africa Festival at the Royal Museum for Central Africa

After weeks of tropical temperatures in Belgium, it happens that this day is a very cold one...

The large canvases are from artist in residence Sammy Baloji, photographer from DR Congo.  For the series 'Congo Far West' he copied very old photographs from the early years of colonisation and mounted them on images of watercolours made in the former Belgian colony.  The images were chosen from the museum's collection.
artists in residence Sammy Baloji & Patrick Mudekereza until 4 September 2011

next to other ongoing exhibitions, it is the opening of Luminous-Lumineus-Lumineux, part of Fetish Modernity.
90 light sculptures were chosen from 300 entries

visitors are voting for their favourite lights in the exhibition, difficult choice...

This is a pretty weird picture to me as my light seems so much smaller than it actually is (149 cm), the man looks like a giant next to it.

Johan Govaerts - Hilde Poleunis

Bart Callens

Carine Tripnaux

Françoise Giaotto - Louisa Moyson - Marthe Vanhoutte - Anne Vanderstraeten

Collectif 2x10

Françoise Van Hauwaert

Hilde Beckers & Staf Van Pelt

Karin Rooms - Fred Maes

Kourbatoff Natasha

Limke Verhellen

Marc Bauwens & Marleen De Vos

Marien Van Mechelen - An Lanckman

Marina Hazenberg

Monsieur Herbert

Rotsart De Hertaing Françoise

And the winners of the public vote & of the museum's personnel vote are ... in random order

Greta Wouters with a light made from screen wipers!

 Jane-Sylvie Van Den Bosch with a heart-melting 'Odile Croc'

Pierre-Olivier Monthuy, the Butterfly on the left
Ingrid Ravoet - Palimpsest  on the right

just my cup of tea... I'd love this in my home right now

The overall winner with prizes in both categories is an intriguing piece with an ingenious electric circuit. 

Cobowawa - Défense d'y voir - detail

It was impossible to take photos of all of them ... too many people, difficult lighting conditions, sculptures against wrong backdrops... the choice above is not a personal one of the best light sculptures. many gorgeous pieces were hard to photograph.

My apologies for the bad quality of the pictures, but view the whole collection HERE

part of Fetish Modernity exhibition
Royal Museum for Central Africa
Tervuren - Belgium
until the end of August 2011

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