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May 28, 2011

announcements in the park

Next to a tiny village, an impressive castle set amidst a neglected park.  Nature has taken over the strong geometrical design.  A small forest has developped and overtaken the tennis courts and pool. 

Multimedia artist David Lamey placed panels all over the property with 'published application for planning permission' where alterations to the existing structures are announced.

Aditionnal levels will raise the 'Rapunzel' tower to 68 meters and converted into a 'house of ill repute'.

Installation of an automatic sliding door and classical sculpture in polyester.

The boardwalk over the wet part of the forest ...

...will be lit with built in LED

and this swampy area seems perfect to ...

turn into a habitat for exotic animal species.

Along the walk other images popped up among the foliage.

Cybele Collins - Border Cemetery


art tour - Hoegaarden, Belgium
last weekend 28 - 29 May 2011

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