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May 19, 2011

Sanaz Azari - multidisciplinary artist

In the middle of a large forest in France a canvas on the ground pictures sleeping persons.  A somehow creepy feeling of being a peeping tom settles. Our bold and curious look at unprotected vulnerable people resting turns into an uncomfortable feeling.  It's probably the purpose of this work.

 Sanaz Azari (Iran /Belgium) - Immigrare I - 2007 - Le Vent des Forêts - # 132

Sanaz Azari - video, installation and performance artist - has another work on another location in the same forest.  Her work is about migration and its social consequences.

Sanaz Azari - Immigrare II - 2007 - Le Vent des Forêts - #132 (bis)

An interview with the artist in this LINK

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