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May 6, 2011

Matthew Day Jackson

Road maps, city maps, country maps ... my mind starts to travel whenever I see one.  I love looking at maps, could do it for hours ... 
This fact combined with wood; no wonder I was lovestruck when I saw this.

Only part of a larger work at Art Brussels.
This is stunning, intriguing, fascinating ... I was hooked even before I saw the title of this work.  Knowing what it was about made it even more breathtaking. (for the record, this is not me in the picture)

side view

Matthew Day Jackson (USA) - August 9, 1945 (not the entire work in photo) - 2011
scorched wood and lead on panel
google the date to find out what it is about or take this shortcut

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Wim said...

Vic Gentils had dit fantastisch gevonden.